Joana, from Porto - Portugal.

Creative by nature, Designer by training and Innovator by passion.
I'm a Portuguese who moved and traveled around the world and aims to help building a better one. 

During the last 5 years I had the opportunity to collaborate with several companies at national and international level in the development of innovative projects, of which Sonae MC, SAP, Roche, Xylem, among others. These experiences allowed me to strengthen my expertise in Human Centered methodologies) - such as Design Thinking - and in the area of ​​Social Responsibility.
Given the times in which we live, of constant evolution and new trends, I defend values, such as, sustainability and social responsibility. Therefore, I believe that companies should and can have a fundamental role on helping changing the consumers' behavior to a more conscious driven one.
My experience, in combination with the immensity of existing possibilities for brand communication, gives rise to my motivation and to my goal, which is to support brands in their positioning, through the advertisement and/or development of new projects with a positive impact.

Innovation / Social Responsability / Sustainability / DESIGN THINKING / Travel / Lifestyle


Porto Business School
2020 - Present
Human Centered Innovation Consultant

2019 - Present
Consultant & Design Thinker

Aalto UniversityAalto Design Factory
2018 - 2019
Design Thinking Coach & Lecturer for ME310 Aalto

SUGAR Network
2018 - 2019
International Event Manager & Design Thinking Lecturer
2017 - 2018
Social Media Manager

Hochschule Mannheim / inno.space
2017 - 2018
Design Thinking Coach – Lecturer

Sonae MC
2016 -2017
Innovation Student Consultant
via SUGAR Network

Internship as Junior Designer

Internship as Package and Product Designer


Stanford University & Porto Polytechnic
ME310 Product Innovation Post-Graduation
Porto, Portugal

CERN - IdeaSquare
Workshop: ÖBOT Robotics Challenge
Geneva, Switzerland

ESAD - College of Art and Design
Master in Design
Porto, Portugal

CAFA - Central Academy of Fine Arts
Workshop: Future Learning Spaces
Beijing, China

Vilnius College of Design
Workshop: IP Project - Micro sustainable design - Eco friendly products
Vilnius, Lithuania

ESAD - College of Art and Design
Graduation in Product Design
Porto, Portugal

Volunteering Experience

Impact Week
2020 - Present
Design Thinker Coach

Caro-foundation - Kenya
2020 - Present
Ballet Teacher

Awards & Recognition

mishmash Pen Case
Featured at Minimalissimo Magazine
-> see article

Kinder, Ferrero
Two concepts selected for the kinder surprise toys
2nd place
-> info

Berg Outdoor
Woman Fashion Outdoor Footwear
2nd prize
-> info

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